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[This product is currently available in iPhone & iPad versions in the Apple AppStore]

Because of the way they get information from the internet, our unique zoomable map atlas series is always up-to-date.  They also have been 'internationalized', so the apps will automatically use the user's language if it is one of the up to ten languages that we currently support for that particular app.


There is also two specialized apps about Cruise Ports currently available:   West (Western Hemisphere), and Europe.


Use it just like you would use a printed atlas -- look for the name of the area of interest on the menus, then go to that "page" by clicking on the name.    Once you are looking at a map, you will notice that the map looks similar to a traditional map, but that there are some differences.

A "Toolbar" of "buttons" is displayed at the bottom of the screen.    Tapping on any of these buttons changes the displayed map image, as defined below:

ToolBar Controls:

This traditional "roadmap" format emphasizes only roads, borders, and place names
A more modern format that shows satellite images, roads, borders, and place names
Another format that only shows satellite data -- omitting all roads, borders, and place names

   This makes the map MORE DETAILED, but shows a smaller area.
   This makes the map LESS DETAILED, but shows a larger area.

"Facts" Controls:

A "Facts" Button will often be seen in the upper-right corner of the screen.  when this button is visible, it indicates that additional descriptive information can be displayed by tapping on the button:

This button is in the user's language, and changes the display to show a relevant webpage from the "Wikipedia" website in the user's language.
This button, which is only visible in non-english versions, is shown to allow the user to also change the display to show a relevant webpage from the "Wikipedia" website in the english language (which often has more factual information).
When viewing a webpage through this app, the green Toolbar at the bottom of the screen will be replaced with "Navigation Controls" shown above.

[Also see our Support webpage for additional information.]

typical screenshots from our 4" iPhone versions [shown here in 'English']:

typical screenshots from our iPad versions [shown here in 'Spanish']:

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