Tap Artist™ - iPhone & iPad Apps

[This product will soon be available in iPhone & iPad versions in the Apple AppStore]

Our new fun app for creating a 'masterpiece' is completely self-contained and does NOT require a wi-fi or wireless connection -- and the app supports local languages.

Just make multiple taps on the screen to place colored tiles on a 'canvas', and the tap the camera icon at anytime to save the image of your canvas to your devoce's Photo Gallery.

Later, when you are connected to the Internet, share your creation with your friends using Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, or email.

{en} language users in the USA and Canada also have an option for a more permanent record -- an additional app tab within the app gives them an ability to order a canvas art print of their masterpiece, ready to mount on the wall.

typical screenshots from our 4" iPhone versions [shown here in 'English']:

typical screenshots from our iPad versions [shown here in 'Spanish']:

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