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   Our popular Sudoku tools are better than using paper because our puzzle-solving assistants store and display up to four possible alternating digits in any cell.  They are also easy-to-use, and you can quickly setup and work on any puzzle from any source.

Users can also choose from three available products depending upon your skill level or time constraints:

36 cells are arranged in "2x3" blocks: the easiest level we offer -- most suitable for beginners
64 cells are arranged in "2x4" blocks: these are more difficult, but take less time than the larger puzzles
81 cells are arranged in "3x3" blocks: these are the typical puzzles shown in newspapers, but can be quite difficult and time-consuming

81Sudoku-Plus assists you in solving any 36 ('2x3' block), 64 ('2x4' block), or 81 cell ('3x3' block) Sudoku puzzle using your cell phone's screen.    Most phones manufactured in the last few years can be used (any screen size of 128x128 pixels or larger), and the puzzle size automatically adapts to your device's screen size.  

Our 3rd Generation version now includes over 400 puzzles of various types and difficulties and a new cell-reveal feature.  Select a puzzle type and difficulty-level and a puzzle is randomly chosen from the built-in puzzle library -- or you can manually enter a puzzle from any source.   Exit the program at anytime, and your puzzle is automatically saved and then automatically restored when the program is restarted.


After starting the program, select a function from the pull-down menu, then use your phone's 'Right', 'Left', 'Up', and 'Down' Navigation Keys to move the Red Box around the screen.  Using your phone's numeric keypad, enter up to four possible alternating digit answers in any yellow cell.  When you're sure of the answer, just highlight the cell and press the 'OK' or 'FIRE' key to fix the desired alternating digit answer and the cell's background will turn green.  For puzzle's randomly-generated from the built-in puzzle library you also can 'Reveal' just the correct answer for one cell by positioning the Red Box to that location, then just press the '*' Key to reveal the correct answer shown in a cell with a blue background.

With our quick setup feature for manually-entered puzzles, you can use your cell phone to enter and work on any 36, 64, or 81 cell Sudoku puzzle that you find in a newspaper, magazine, or website.  So that you can work on a puzzle at your own pace, the program also automatically saves the current puzzle status after every move.

The new version includes all of the features of our earlier '36Sudoku', '64Sudoku', and '81Sudoku' products

NOTE:  These programs now are shipped as a J2ME-format 'jar' file  -- a computer-file format for 'Java™' code that is supported by all newer mobile devices running the 'Symbian™' or 'Linux™' Operating Systems, or any other computing device that supports 'Java™ J2ME' applications.

 After downloading such a file, transfer it to your mobile device using the procedure specified by your device's manufacturer, and your device automatically will install the new program in your device's "Application" folder and an icon will appear for this new application program.  Click on that icon to start ("launch") the program.

These programs primarily involve numbers, but the simple instructional messages are shown in 'English [US]'.


   (language prompts in English [US])

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