Map.IQ™ Quiz Series Overview

   Our Map.IQ Series products help you improve your geography skills.  With any of the products, you can work on your selected geographic area on your cell phone's screen at your convenience.  No air-time connections are necessary since everything needed is stored as an application 'MIDlet' on your phone.   Just download the 'jar' file to your computer and then transfer it to your phone where it will automatically install itself.

Choose one of two currently available products depending upon the geographic area desired:

bullet Map.IQ_Europe™
covers Europe & the Mediterranean area
bullet Map.IQ_NAmer™
covers the USA and Canada

The Map.IQ™ Quiz Series uses your mobile phone's screen to test your knowledge of geography.   Playing this fun quiz also tutors you with the geography knowledge necessary to help improve your score when playing the popular online 'Traveler IQ' game.  Most phones manufactured in the last few years can be used (any screen size of 128x128 pixels or larger), and detailed maps are automatically scaled for higher-resolution displays.

Because of limited size of mobile phone display screens, a large geographic area such as North America has been divided into smaller map segments.  Using a pull-down menu, first select one of these map segments (such as 'North-East USA', 'South-East USA', 'North-Central USA', 'South-Central USA', 'North-West USA', 'South-West USA', 'South-East Canada', 'South-Central Canada', or 'South-West Canada').  After the detailed map is loaded for that map segment, it will be displayed along with six randomly-selected marker-choices, and you are asked to identify a named region or location that corresponds to one of the colored-square markers on the map.  Each marker represents another choice of the same type of item being asked -- 'Orange' squares represent Regions (such as Countries, States, Provinces, bodies of water, etc.) and 'Magenta' squares represent specific Locations (such as Cities, Towns, National Parks, etc.).

To specify the correct answer, simply press your mobile's '1', '2', '3', '4', '5', or '6' Key to indicate the correct marker number.  [Wrong answers earn zero points, and quicker responses earn higher points than slow responses.]

After pressing a numeric key, the correct answer for that question will be shown and its marker highlighted with a green outline box.  Wrong answers (or the lack of a timely response) will earn zero points for that particular question.  After answering all ten randomly selected questions that comprise a quiz, your total quiz score will be displayed, as well as the Highest Score earned so far on your mobile device for quizes on that particular map segment.  Because of the extensive use of random numbers to select both questions and the marker identifiers, each quiz will be a unique test of your geography knowledge for the selected map segment.  By repeatedly taking the tests, you will improve your geographic knowledge -- and your Highest Score!

NOTE:  These programs now are shipped as a J2ME-format 'jar' file  -- a computer-file format for 'Java™' code that is supported by all newer mobile devices running the 'Symbian™' or 'Linux™' Operating Systems, or any other computing device that supports 'Java™ J2ME' applications.

 After downloading such a file, transfer it to your mobile device using the procedure specified by your device's manufacturer, and your device automatically will install the new program in your device's "Application" folder and an icon will appear for this new application program.  Click on that icon to start ("launch") the program.

These programs primarily involve map images and numbers, but the simple instructional messages are shown in 'English [US]'.

Map.IQ_Europe™          for Europe

   (language prompts in English [US])






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Map.IQ_NAmer™          for North America

   (language prompts in English [US])






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