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   Our Colors product is a unique design assistance tool.   No air-time connections are necessary since everything needed is stored as an application 'MIDlet' on your phone.   Just download the 'jar' file to your computer and then transfer it to your phone where it will automatically install itself.

Colors™ uses your mobile phone's screen to display over 2500 pigment color swatches from a RGB Designer Color Wheel.  Most phones manufactured in the last few years can be used (any screen size of 128x128 pixels or larger).

Search a rainbow of colors in one degree increments using your mobile's 'Right', 'Left', 'Up', and 'Down' Navigation Keys.  [Seven shades/tints are shown for each color hue.]  To help you do so quickly, a large color swatch of the chosen color is automatically displayed on the screen after each keystroke.  After finding the best match, use the pull-down menu to select a coordinating designer color scheme.  Options include Monochromatic, Complementary, Split-Complementary, Analogous, and Triadic color schemes.

For those technically inclined, each color swatch also displays the RGB
(and HEX) values used to generate the selected color.

NOTE:  This program is shipped as a J2ME-format 'jar' file  -- a computer-file format for 'Java™' code that is supported by all newer mobile devices running the 'Symbian™' or 'Linux™' Operating Systems, or any other computing device that supports 'Java™ J2ME' applications.

 After downloading such a file, transfer it to your mobile device using the procedure specified by your device's manufacturer, and your device automatically will install the new program in your device's "Application" folder and an icon will appear for this new application program.  Click on that icon to start ("launch") the program.

These programs primarily involve map images and numbers, but the simple instructional messages are shown in 'English [US]'.

Colors™          Design Assistance Tool

   (language prompts in English [US])






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